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A quick shout out to all the commenter’s who add their valuable insight and expertise to my posts. Your contribution to this process cannot be overstated. I visit many blogs daily where the comments amount to nice, wow and shut up asshole.

Your presence makes this website work.

Thanks: Mark Tucker, dude , Bruce DeBoer , Olivier Laude, myles, john mcd., Russell Kaye, Cameron Davidson, Bernd Gruber, Christopher Bush, Red, myles, The Jackanory, avs, John Loomis, Lewis, chris floyd, Mark Harmel, George Fulton, all the anon’s and many, many more…

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  1. Shadow Boxing

    Back at you. What this blog offers is a rare glimpse into the real world of editorial, where everything is not always perfect, and everything doesn’t always fall into place as you’d like it every time, but the goal is to always focus on delivering strong work.

    There have been numerous quality threads lately, but the “Website Rocks/Sucks” posts and related Comments were worth my annual dues, alone. Everybody else here is paying, right?

    I think all the photographers here, who are contributing, are thankful to get a glimpse into the other side, to see how our efforts are being received. Not sure what your motivation was for starting this blog, but you’re scoring some serious karma points for sure; there’s a great deal to learn here. Thank you.

  2. I for one enjoy your posts, and the comments are usually pretty interesting. Always a nugget or two of knowledge to be found and lord knows…I need all the help I can get….

  3. At the risk of sounding redundant, thank you too. This is a great blog, a good mix of humanity and interesting topics.
    After you got your sea legs you quickly took the blogging world by storm. You are now the first blog I check in the morming.
    Look at me, it’s 740 AM is SF. I should be at the coffee shop ogling the chicks waiting for the Google bus and yet, here I is checking in instead.

  4. As a photog aswell as a former photo intern at one of the biggest national magazines, it’s so much fun to read this blog! Love it!

  5. I’m sorry… when do you actually work?

    Maybe you should spend less time blogging and more time throwing out expensive promo cards.



  6. I discovered this forum only a few days ago and I’ve been checking it daily. Something I’ve never done before.
    I was just going through my website update, which will be online in a few days, and I found many posts and comments very usefull.
    Thanks everybody!
    I’ll keep in touch

  7. Your welcome! I just turned on my psychiatrist in Bangor to your blog and in the small world department he has a great collection of Kurt Marcus images in his basement…

  8. Hi this is my first comment. I’m commenting on the commenting blog as my first comment because I’m just totally avant guard like that.

    But seriously, great blog. I photo edited for 10 years so i’m looking forward to reading more posts.

    Hi Jason!

  9. Please don’t burn out. You’re posting so much and so brilliantly. I’ve seen many insiders like you flame out after 6 months of blogging brilliance.

    Pace yourself. Make this blog sustainable. Please.

  10. Oh my god.
    Don’t buy pickup.
    Commission me.
    That sounds like a hot shoot.
    I’d do it cheap.
    Ha ha.

  11. Great blog. Keep up the good work! And Mark Tucker is always full of great insight and information, whenever he chooses to comment. I also recommend these two blogs : and a new one (I think)

  12. I am not even in the photo biz, I just like reading about it, it interests me and this blog is the best one out there (I read a sh1t ton too). It is going to suck when the masses find it and start commenting about their alien bees ringlight though. Do like paste mag and see what people are willing to pay to read the blog ;)
    Keep it up PE