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  1. Don’t you know. That’s what spam looks like after it’s been clocked in the eye.

  2. As far as I know most mailrooms do not use filtering techniques. Unless your latest promo contains white powder or wires it should probably make it to the right person.

  3. So, promoting shows and new work by sending emails to photo editors is considered spam? I thought that’s how this whole thing worked. Maybe you can tell us how we should be approaching editors like yourself.

  4. Actually, I thought it was part of your job to look at people’s work, just like it’s part of my work to do go-sees and see model books and receive emails blasts from agencies.

  5. I think a lot of you are missing the point here. It comes down to editing – yes, you have to edit your list down to who you market to just like you have to edit down your book to your best shots. Sending out 10000 emails to every person on the masthead – or every name some agency gives you – is a massive waste of time for everyone. If these were printed mailers and not emailers would most of you be sending out 10000 of them? I would hope not – unless I was the USPS.

    What ever happened to knowing your market?

    Adbase seems to have their stuff together. You can actually see who is in what position at whatever it is you are looking to target. Some of these other agencies though sound like they are throwing everyone together in the same list.

    It is also a massive waste of time to use these emailer programs as for the most part they come through the IT filters blank. Even if the art dept does not consider them spam our emailing programs do.

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