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  1. That sucks bad. When I was an assistant I had a similar situation with a broken leg, surgery steel plates & screws but nothing horrible like Sean’s damage. Sounds like there may be some liability on the drivers part. I hate when people bring about frivolous lawsuits but all vehicles insured in NYS have mandatory medical expenses as part of their insurance.

  2. Holy Hell – Thanks for doing this. Sean was my assistant before he moved to NYC!!!!!! back in 1998. I had NO idea about this since we have stopped communicating for the last couple of years.

    For those of you who don’t know Sean – I can guarantee you that he was the best of the best in NYC – he totally out classed our small market and when asked what his next step should be I’m certain I told him that everyone needs to work in a major market some time in their life if they really want to sharpen the spear – he chose NYC, my birthplace.

    Yes – please give SOMETHING – I’m sure you remember when this could have been you.

  3. I find Strobist’s latest post 9 particularly timely. It’s about a $25 radio trigger (the device photographers use to set off their flashes in synchronization with their cameras, for you non-photographer types) where all profits go to helping photographers-in-need:
    “It takes some real guts to step out and trust the financial security of your family to self employment. Plugged into this industry, we often hear of photographers hit with every kind of life crisis. Sick children, auto accidents, loosing everything in natural disasters – if it’s happened to people, it’s happened to photographers. Good people trying to earn an honest living and support their families. That is why a large portion of RadioPopper Jr. proceeds will be deposited into an account, and drawn as needed to help photographers and their families in immediate need. A “nomination” system will be put in place whereby photographers may submit the situation details when their friends are in need of some help, and we’ll provide for some of those needs – some small and some large – as we feel led to.”

  4. Sent money via PayPal. I’ve had disability insurance since 1987. It is limited to $2500 per month, costs me less than $100 per month. Price was set at policy start.

    Health insurance is critical. You have to have it. Disability insurance is also important.

    Urge everyone out there to get a base line of coverage and pray that you never use it.

  5. this is obviously terrible.. doesnt the magazine or ad client have a certificate of insurance for this job? shouldnt he be covered under this?

  6. I don’t think we’ve met, but the name is really familiar. So awful. I donated a bit and will pass the word on. This is why I’m a staffer as well as a freelancer.

  7. In california you are required to carry workers comp for those working on your crew. I believe New York has the same laws. If sean hasn’t already done so he should be speaking with a lawyer and with the appropriate social workers who can stir him towards understanding his rights better and what is covered under the law in his case.

    As producer mentioned there should be a certificate of insurance somewhere out there, I do not know wether the shoot was editorial or commercial, same diff but who’s counting, but I certainly know that I have never been able to work on commercial shoots without having one of those faxed ahead of time. Those certificate require workers comp and much more. Locate it and find out what he is entitled to.

    As for life and disability insurance you can get it if you are lucky. When I applied several ago I was obliged under the law to state where I had traveled in the last few years. Lets see? Afghanistan and Columbia to name a few. Those are not exactly sexy words to utter to the insurance clone reviewing your file.

    As you might imagine I was turned dow. So no luck for this cigar. I have to wait several years to reapply and of course not travel to war zones. You can get this kind of insurance for the price of a mid size sedan, per year, but good luck paying for that on top of everything else, if you can get it.

    For those photographers out there who are not incorporated and have some sort of assets (house, inheritance(I wish), those new and ridiculously expensive 30K digital cameras, don’t get me started on those ones, etc..), I would strongly advise you to do so. It helps protect them in case your crew gets hurt and you realize you forgot to pay your premium or the insurance company jerks your chain, especially when you were not directly responsible for an unfortunate event leading to one of your crew member getting hurt.

    I wish Sean the best of luck recovering. I certainly have had my share of pain in the last 18 months and I can guaranty you that pain and dismemberment is not good for business. My hard luck story, thankfully not nearly as horrific as Sean’s

    If it can happen to me, it can happen to you. I am much better now but Sean if you are reading this, I can truly say that I feel for you. Just remember that after the initial shock you learn more about yourself from your misfortune than you ever do from anything else, combined. Unfortunately and despite the pronouncements to the contrary, this country does not take care of its own. There are thousands of maimed soldiers and Iraqi civilians out there wishing W had never been born.

  8. my goodness, those are some images I’d hope not to see again, but it reinforced the severity of his injuries and since I am a compassionate person/photographer I’ll donate a little to help out, my goodness, the health care situation in our country sucks and people need affordable coverage ASAP

    hope that guy is back on his feet and doing well in no time

  9. Repost the APE’s post on your blogs if you have one or forward to others in the industry. The more see it the better.

    Furthermore, I could not help but notice the glaring discrepancy for Sean’s comments and the “Spam” entry . Both posted the same day but somehow, spam is far more interesting? Hum…?

    Do we really need to reconfirm that photographers are, as we suspected, fragile egoed narcissists?
    I think our comment on spam can wait. If you can’t provide Sean with money at least try contributing what your knowledge. Don’t some of you have physician siblings or know attorneys.

    Hell, some of us are directly involved with the media industry. May be industry rags could write a little something about him and many others.

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