The amazing thing about working with Peggy Sirota is the amount of effort and the level of detail that goes into the preparation for a shoot. As soon as she signs on, the phone springs to life with calls about styling, grooming, props, locations and then Peggy calls to discuss ideas, then she calls the subject to discuss ideas, then she calls you back to talk it over again, then you talk to the agent, then the producer calls, then the office manager calls… it’s awesome.

I don’t think many people realize how much effort goes into consistently creating images that look like you just walked by and quickly snapped one (she calls them “elegant snapshots”).


peggy3.png peggy2.png


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  1. Peggy is one of my favorite photographers and I’m delighted to see her being featured on todays Blog. Her work is so fresh and energetic. I’ve heard great things about her. I’ve never met her but have been a fan of hers since I first noticed one of her ads in Workbook in the 80’s.

    Your comments about all the effort and attention to detail inspire me and I believe that’s how it should be on every shoot. For me, finding clients who understand and appreciate this seems to be more difficult these days.

    I’m enjoying your blog and really like todays since it’s Peggy Sirota and I have not seen her work recently.

  2. I’ve always really liked Jeff Lipsky’s stuff looking at his work makes me think he has a great sense of humor. I agree though. Sirota is great.

  3. this is my first time seeing her work, and im amazed. i really like the ‘elegant snapshots’ feel. this is why i keep coming back here..

  4. I have always wanted to work with her, just need the right assignment and the funds.

    Robert Maxwell and his crew at the Art Dept. have that same energy. Non-stop emails and calls. It’s exciting because there is this build up to the project and everyone gets into it and creative about crafting the images.

    He is fantastic t to work with and has loads of ideas, giving you what you want but also staying true to his vision. He has exquisite taste and takes a certain type of image that rarely disappoints.

    One of the many good things about Robert is he is honest. No games, no dramas. He keeps it pro, fun and he loves to talk about surfing.

  5. Peggy’s work is amazing. It reminds me of the previous post about smiling. To get a model to smile requires a level of connection and trust. You can clearly see in Sirota’s work that her subjects like her and trust her vision. The subtle emotion in her celebrity photos really hammers that home.

  6. Among my browser favorite folders I have one called “inspiration”, Peggy Sirota is in there. I check for new work when I have a few uninterrupted moments. There are others and this blog has inspired me to pass them along on my blog.

  7. I admit it; I’m fucking shameless.

  8. HAHA! Jeff Lipsky is the shit. The day I met him, within two minutes, I knew he was a guy that wouldn’t annoy me. A few years later, he has yet to prove me wrong.

    (Your turn to scratch my back, buddy).

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