Anton Corbijn is the MAN

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Like usual Hetherington got the drop on me about Anton Corbijn’s movie but since he’s finally finished (here) maybe he’ll start shooting editorial jobs again.

What’s it like to work with Anton? Crushing.

Remember the photographer who sends one amazing print after a shoot is done? Anton sends 6 or 12. And, each and every one is the greatest photograph you have ever witnessed.

I’m not even talking about the printing technique. I’m talking about what’s in the pictures. I was shocked to discover, after my first shoot with Anton, that his skills lied not in his powerful style but in his ability to create instant timeless, iconic images.

The crushing part? No matter what 4 or 5 you pick to publish there are 4 or 5 more that are better, sitting in the box.




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  1. awesome. and i don’t get jealous about much. but i wish i was there to see him shoot your assignment. the marriage of his photos and the music of that irish quartet who he pals around with is the reason i do what i do. i met he and danny clinch together at the tibetan freedom concert in dc 10 years ago. just about shit my pants. i have a slightly blurry 6×6 photo of them cause it was about the only time in my career i couldn’t keep my hands from shaking. professional, i know. keep up the kick-ass postings.

  2. FYI…..Control is playing in NYC at Film Forum through Nov 1. Originally was only supposed to be until oct 23rd but, it looks like it got extended. Just bought a ticket for tomorrow…. though I was always into New Order more than Joy Division.