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Holy crap, does everyone suddenly have a new book to show? I’m flooded with calls for book showings and drop offs not to mention people visiting from all over the country.

Must be that slow time of year when everyone gets itchy to drum up work.

Unfortunately, it’s also the time of year where I’ve completely blown my budget and I’m working on the smallest issue with the least amount of assignments (January).

It’s hard to get motivated to meet with all the photographers looking for work when I currently have none to give.

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  1. Exactly right, John. This has got to be one of the worst weeks of the year to try to see clients. Just hit the expo, before/after parties, galleries, and the bar.

  2. I’ll throw this one out: Anyone who books me on an assignment that resulted from my meeting them at events surrounding the show gets two tickets to a broadway show – that does, however, require me to actually meet with prospective clients somewhere other than in their offices, since I am not among the folks that are looking to having meetings with PE/AB/AD’s during my time in NYC, nor am I carrying my book with me, just my iphone loaded with my images.

    Catch me if you can….


  3. I just wrapped up a week of book showings here in NY and a great week it was. Met with everyone on my list, didn’t overstay any welcomes, and thank you notes go out on Monday.

    Of course I’m looking for work but I didn’t expect to walk out of any of the meetings with assignments. It was all about face time and building relationships.

    A canceled flight back to Charlotte means another night in NYC. Woo!

  4. >expo has got to be one of the worst events ever! so boring

    Most expos seem to be the same so once you’ve walked round and seen what you need to in 20 minutes, you can get down the serious business of networking. Remember that 90% of your fellow visitors will be bored too so they’ll be only too pleased to talk to someone. Thats when you get your real business done. Even bored stand staff can be useful-and I’ve met some useful industry contacts just by having casual chats. Turn boredom into profit!

  5. I’m planning a trip to NYC to do exactly this in 2008 [I’m based in Antibes-France, and Cork-Ireland]and have been trying to work out when the BEST time of year to meet people/show my book is……………….
    The last time I did this was the Photoplus week 2005 and I can concur it was NOT a good time.
    Any thoughts?
    Clive Evans