I was checking out Thomas Broening’s blog and read something that made me laugh. Photographers pretending to be very busy shooting all the time when talking to each other. Some sort of primal chest thumping.

Well, I’ll just flat out admit that sometimes when calling a photographer or rep and I find out their schedule is wiiiiide open from here to eternity I get a bit crestfallen thinking “why isn’t this guy getting any work, what does everyone else know that I don’t?” Lame, I know but it crosses the mind.

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  1. As worthy of comment as this post is; sadly, I haven’t the time.
    (But you’re now my new homepage).

    Hold on to the love,

  2. Speaking as one that drops into that wiiiiiide open camp, I would opinion that its a lack of buisness sense, art and marketing are an uncomfortable mix.
    I am very honest and open about everthing. Often I’m told that I should do a bit of that chest thumping, but I am just not that vain, and I see little advantage in puffing my feathers.
    I’m only out of the assitant biz for couple of years now, so perhaps my opinions are not as rounded as some, but in my time I worked with some real EGO’s and it never seemed to affect their work level in any way.
    So it does also cross my mind!

  3. Well, I almost always assert that I am very busy, but also for the right gig that a lot of work can be rescheduled.
    A lot of times it means it can be a ‘get out of jail free’ card when the job proposal is a stinker.
    Nevertheless, I AM always busy, because I shoot personal projects when not commissioned and do most of my own PP, so in effect I am not telling any mistruths.
    I am pretty sure this applies to a lot of photographers in the digital age – busyness in terms of actual photo days, does by no means equate to actual free time. As I said earlier though, the right gig can make me change almost anything…….apart from the other ‘right gig’ I just rescheduled everything for….:)

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