Seven Digital Deadly Sins

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  1. If the point of this video was to illustrate how easy it is to waste time watching pointless videos, then it was a success. 37 more seconds of precious life, gone…

      • I did, and felt I wasted that much more time. There’s nothing new here – selfies, porn, anonymous sexting, overconsumption, cyberbullying, pretend relationships – all pretty well-worked issues that aren’t being effectively explored by the cyberbites on the site. And, I find it ironic that the site asks people to interact with it by pushing a “confirm” or “condemn” button, as if that amounts to actually doing something. I generally like the stuff I see out of the NFB of Canada, but for me, this one’s a clinker.

        • What is a ‘well worked’ issue and how is it so?

          I found it interesting. And a bit of myself in there.

          • I found a bit of myself in there too. But that doesn’t mean there were any real insights to be had from the site. As to well worked issues, I can’t tell if you’re being serious. I’ve seen news pieces – real, investigative reporting – on every topic I listed, and nothing new on this site. Go look at some of the other issues that the NFB Canada has worked on, then come back and tell me that this work stacks up. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not ranking this with youtube cat videos, but I think NFB has set a pretty high bar in the past, and this doesn’t clear it.