The five-year-long Getty Images-Flickr partnership has come to an end

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Getty Images will no longer be searching and browsing through Flickr photostreams to invite users to submit their photos — instead Flickr users have to use the same procedure as the other Getty and iStock contributors and send in full-sized, captioned and released images to them for review and selection.

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  1. Surprised it took this long. Seemed like a lot of work to do to try to find something that in most cases wouldn’t meet their technical/quality standards. Why not push it back on Flickr users like they do with all contributors, a no brainer really.

  2. I guess it is good if you are a stock photographer, then again, did Rob post up here that Getty is giving images away now? If, so I can see another reason for dissolving the partnership.

  3. This is very interesting article. Getty is so expensive VS or other stock photography sites. You are a very skilled blogger. I’m going to join your rss feed and looking forward to reading more of your articles in the future!