Auctions Change The Conversation From Art To Money

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Auctions make me sick. I can’t stand them. They’re ruining the art world. They change the conversation from art to money, from quality to quantities, and now those quantities are mass quantities. Hey did you ever notice the word tities is in quantities?

The Francis Bacon is completely predictable. A middle-brow painting by a middle-brow painter painting another middle-brow painter.

via Jerry Saltz’s Best Responses From His Reddit AMA — Vulture.

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    • Why is that shitty? He’s an art critic and he happens to find both Bacon and Freud middle-brow. That’s just an opinion and hardly demeaning.

      • Donnor Party

        Because he makes such comments to be provacative more than anything else. Its much like agitation propaganda. I would have no issue with this statement (with which i disagree) from another critic, in another setting.

  1. I’ve just been reading “The $12 Million Dollar Stuffed Shark: The Curious Economics of Contemporary Art” by Don Thompson and the chapters about auctions and the premiere auctions houses literally make my head spin (including the one devoted to a triptych by Francis Bacon that went up for auction during the time he was researching/writing the book). What a convoluted world that is!? It makes the word “curious” seem like a euphemism.