As Good As An Idea Is, You Must Always Be Ready To Throw It Away

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Charlie [Trotter] was pissed. He had been trying to call me for an hour but my mobile phone was locked inside. In a rage, he asked me what kind of idiot would dream of photographing him trampolining in the rain. Was I trying to kill him?!?! Needless to say, I couldn’t get a word in edgewise. “If you want to shoot me come to the restaurant NOW!” he blared, and hung up.

I was furious.

My assistants and I packed up the trampolines, I mumbled away under my breath, and Mrs. Trotter made herself scarce; she was embarrassed. I admit I had a moment where I wanted to say “no thank you” and walk out. It was my book, after all.

Then I remembered something that I learned very early on in my photographic career: as good as an idea is, you must always be ready to throw it away.

via Farewell, Chef — Medium.

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  1. Probably even a good idea to assume that your first, great idea for a concept isn’t the best one to use. It’s like with writing (everything from novels to stand-up routines): the first draft always sucks, but that’s okay, it’s a starting point to keep working from.