With so many photographs on the Web every day, no one image gets to be special for long.

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It’s not clear whether this flowering of image-making will lead to a more visually literate public—or simply numb us to the profound effects a well-made image can have. But the change is irreversible. Let’s hope the millions of new photographs made today help us see what we all have in common, rather than what sets us apart.

James Estrin via National Geographic: The Visual Village.

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  1. Your supposition might be true however, I am the author of a book preparing for publication entitled and need permission from the photographer whose work was displayed on the cover of October, 1998 Esquire magazine ,”What Did You Do After The Crash, Daddy?”
    The image has been used frequently, however inquiries as the name of photographer for permission to use his or her image has remained elusive. It’s been special for fifteen years.