Photographs Show Us A Version Of What May Be Happening

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Photographs need to demand the viewer’s attention, often implicitly, posing questions as to the nature of what is being depicted. Photographs are not there to show us the world, but to show us a version of what may be happening. The ideal scenario is one in which the reader is motivated enough to become actively engaged in establishing the meaning of the imagery.

via Can Photojournalism Survive in the Instagram Era? | Mother Jones.

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  1. Even in reality different persons have different feelings and tell different stories about an event they were in front of.
    Photograps only accentuate this with their “scene cut” and single point of view.
    The fact is that reality itself is subjective, because our brain operates on it with unconscious “cuts” and “interpretations” based on our culture, education, symbology and current mood.
    Maybe, being photograps the result of a mechanical means, they should only be “seen” by a machine in order to be acknowledged in an absolute and not relative way. Maybe the inherent incompatibility between the source and the destination of its message makes the wizardry of photography.