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New York Times Style Magazine: Hannan Starky

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Wednesday: 6.26.13

Creative Director: Patrick Li
Photography Director: Nadia Vellam
Senior Art Director: Aurelie Pellissier
Senior Photography Editor: Jamie Bradley Sims
Contributing Photography Editors: Kathryn Hurni, Gina Liberto
Photographer: Hannah Starky


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Heidi Volpe

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  1. Charles Billings

    HEY! let’s spell her name correctly, shall we?

    loved this series when it appeared…

  2. ted batten

    heidi, rob… i remember seeing this recently, had not known about her… indeed, seems she’s an art photog whom the NYT decided to introduce us to, glad they did.

    how about, as the above commenter noted, correcting her name for all time on the internet: hannaH, not hannaN starkEy, not starky

    are the proooofreaders on summer vacation???