Beyoncé photos spark press-PR feud

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Since Buzzfeed published shots of the star that her publicist didn’t like, her PR squad stopped issuing press passes to photojournalists to tour dates, and instead has required news organizations to register with them for access to pictures taken by the tour’s official photographer. They’ve also contacted media outlets like Buzzfeed to request that certain photos be removed.

The strategy hasn’t worked too well for Beyoncé; news outlets, frustrated about the limitations on their photographers, have used the original offending photos, from Beyoncé’s Super Bowl halftime show, in lieu of the provided photos.

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  1. The days of unrestricted access to performers both on and off stage have long passed…this isn’t news.

  2. Donnor Party

    She is OVEREXPOSED. When I was in NYC and LA in January her face was plastered on every flat surface and on a series of flags in west Hollywood and downtown. It was like Pyongyang. I think her publicity team is drinking the Jay Z/Beyonce King and Queen Kool-Aid and have overreached, overestimating her ppopularity.

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