It Doesn’t Get Any Easier With More Experience

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Well I must say that it doesn’t get any easier because as you get more experienced and as you go further you’re trying to work with more complexity, and take more complexity and create more simplicity. Because you’re older and hopefully experienced you see things as a larger whole so your job then becomes more difficult because you’ve got to synthesise all these many different points into a single reality – a photograph. So the job doesn’t get any easier it gets more challenging. It’s very important that the job is challenging because if it isn’t you shouldn’t be taking the picture.

via Ten questions for photographer Roger Ballen – Phaidon.

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  1. Exactly. And pretty much the reason it’s a good idea to like what you do. With office jobs, every promotion involves more work and responsibility, which is going to become a big problem very quickly if you don’t like the job. Just sitting still doing a mediocre job so you get the paycheck and time for other things is really not an option these says. It’s up or out more than ever now.

    A less structured career like photography may not have formal promotions, but it has the same dynamics. And the clients you work with–the actual people–are getting formally promoted and moved around, and will be taking on bigger productions, etc, so you can indirectly get a “promotion” in a way, too.