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Conde Nast Traveler: Danela Frederici

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Friday: 4.12.13

Design Director: Rob Hewitt
Art Director: Hitomi Sato
Photo Director: Kathleen Klech
Photo Editor: Esin Ili Göknar

Photographer: Daniela Federici

Heidi Volpe

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  1. Those shoes reminded me of an overheard conversation in Whistler village last summer. A young couple, dressed to the nines, were asking directions and the helper said:

    “Oh yes, it’s a hundred yards that way.”
    “A HUNDRED YARDS!!!” screamed the young woman in despair.

    All the Whistler outdoor types in the neighbourhood turned around in surprise. I looked too. She was wearing 4 inch stilettos…

      • um, no. From my experience of the Amazon, hip-waders may be more suitable….

        … and on my way down a steep muddy trail through the rain forest in southern Chile coming back from a beautiful volcanic lake, I met a woman in a group coming the other way.

        “Is it worth it?” she asked, a pained expression on her face.

        I looked down at her feet.

        “Yes….” I replied “but probably not in flip flops.”

  2. Nice to see a female photographer featured here; it seems like such a rare occurrence!

    (I often find myself wondering, why is it so often men photographing women/women’s fashion? are there no women photographing women/women’s fashion? Not just here on APE, but in the magazines in general.)

  3. Lovely work!!!
    This is the type of photography that I love, fine light, nice locations and the right model for the concept…. what could you ask more for creating such an amazing photography.

  4. What a great shoot! Location, fashion, colour; a beautiful statuesque yet feminine model and a top photographer. The images look so fresh and rich – I want to be IN the photos.