To Be A Member The Majority Of Your Income Must Come From The Publication Of Your Images

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Our Constitution currently states that to be a General Member (GM) one must be, amongst other things, a “photographer(s) for whom the majority of their earned income comes from publication of their images.”  Some of our GM’s currently make less than 51% of their income in this way and would not qualify to become a GM today.  For those who did qualify and find themselves adjusting their careers in such a way that they no longer meet this requirement, what should they do? Well there is no system in place that forces them to re-apply for General Membership at any time.  Once a GM, always a GM.   So seriously, what should they do?

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  1. Save Your Money and Consider yourself a Hobbyist; go back to your REAL job.

    I’m sure the wife, husband and family would agree.

    You didn’t hear Type Setters crying and bitching when their Craft/their Careers became obsolete.

    Commercial Photographers need to Stop the Bitching and Grow Up – Join the 21st Century already.

    Don Cudney, Working Hard (and not believing the Social Media hype) for 20+ Years Now.

    The ASMP, the APA, etc. have become INCLUSIVE Camera Clubs instead of a group of elite (working) photographers. Fact.

  2. Scott Rex ely

    Why not just go to the lectures and presentations without paying for the membership?
    That way it limits one’s exposure to perpetual whinning and leaves room for stimulating compassion by supporting them without becoming sucked into broken record social sessions of self pity.

  3. The morning news that CPI Corp portrait studios in Walmart and Sears could be leading the way for other organizations to follow suit. I think that APA-EP (~3200) and ASMP (~6,000) could follow suit. Based on the numbers there is not a lot of strength especially when that is a world wide count for photographic professionals.

    I think some of the whiners have lost the passion and others are not willing to work just a little bit harder to bend the curve in their favor. With the economy as it is, not great but not as bad as it could be, people just have to suck it up and go at with everything they’ve got. I messed up one of my legs two years ago and I still going at it at full force even though I’m not a 100% yet!

  4. As much as I support the general mission of the asmp, it is largely made of older men in the sunset of their careers who have struggled with changing times and technologies. This is not ideal though I suppose it is typical with many organizations these days.