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Glamour: Frederike Helwig

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Tuesday: 4.2.13

Design Director: Geraldine Hessler
Photo Director: Suzanne Donaldson
Art Director: Sarah Vinas
Deputy Editor, Photo Visuals: Julie Stone
Senior Photo Editor: Martha Maristany
Photo Editor: Brian Marcus

Photographer: Frederike Helwig

Heidi Volpe

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  1. HAHAHA…
    Rob, you’ve got a weird sense of humor.
    Two crap photography 1 right after another.
    April fools day is over.

    • Betty(a.k.a. Elise)!! What a bitter soul you are!! Go out and take some photos….it could be a good therapy for you….just saying!

  2. Dollars to donuts this comes from the same IP as Elise on the last Daily Edit post. Trolls!