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Psychology Today: Henry Leutwyler

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Monday: 4.1.13

Creative Director: Edward Levine
Photo Director: Claudia Stefezius
Associate Art Director: Yuko Miyake

Photographer: Henry Leutwyler

Heidi Volpe

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  1. That this man has a career, or even continues to get hired is proof that even an: insecure, no talent, anti-Semite, with the right connections can make it in photography.
    Way to go lowering your standards Rob.

  2. Wow. Care to elaborate Elise? That’s some pretty heavy hitting shit you are throwing around esp under an anonymous moniker. Real brave.

  3. Elise, the fact that the photos are included in the Daily Edit is a reflection that the photos would be of interest to photographers (and they certainly are interesting enough to be a Daily Edit). Whether or not the photographer himself is insecure, etc., is irrelevant at this point and obviously would have no bearing on whether the work is showcased here.

  4. This is the daily edit. They could post the article photos without the names, and it would definitely change your opine. So look at them with the intent of APE. There is something they communicate and thus the reason they appear here. I often don’t care about who created the work.

  5. heid volpe

    I am sorry you are such an angry perhaps non working photographer.
    Please don’t read my column any longer, your comments are not welcome.