Photog Uses Crappy Client Photos to Get Hired

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Photographer James Hodgins of Sudbury, Ontario has come up with a creative visual solution for a perennial marketing challenge: Convincing clients who think they can shoot their own photography that they will get better results if they hire a professional photographer.“People are visual. When you start talking lights, they tune you out,” Hodgins says.  One day it dawned on him to invite a client to tag along on a shoot with her own camera. “I said, ‘You take the picture you would have taken, and then I’ll take mine the way I would.”And that’s how his Crappy vs. Snappy showcase was born. He dedicates a page on his Web site to side-by-side comparisons of his pictures and clients’ pictures, mostly of mining and industrial subjects.

via PDN Pulse.

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  1. For anyone else who can’t seem to find a link – grrr – it’s not this one:

    A little extra Googling will reveal it’s this one:

    If you find it via this site:
    you’ll notice the commenter “fart” does not like the photographer and spends his time leaving insightful and supportive comments about him across wide wide world of web. Everyone needs their fans.

  2. On paper, his comparative approach sounds intriguing and gutsy, but it falls short once produced. Sure, some of his work stood out somehow, but nowhere near my expectations. I was hoping for a “wow” moment (he does mention high impact imagery), and didn’t really get it.

    If I were him, I wouldn’t stress on the “I can do it better” part, but rather on the “I can guarantee a reliable and timely service no matter what.”
    People really will pay for peace of mind, speed, and knowledgeable discourse.

    But if it works for him and his market segment, then power to him.