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This week I want to acknowledge the stellar work being done on magazines for schools and universities. Educational/institutional magazines are the hidden gems of publishing, telling the stories of people and ideas that are reshaping our world today. They don’t have the market reach or art budgets of mainstream consumer magazines, but in the best cases they are producing photography and design on par with the magazines we usually feature on The Daily Edit.

Monday: 3.4.13

Design Director/Photo Editor: Charles Hess, chessdesign
Senior Designer: Lisa Lewis 

Photographer: Tamar Levine

Heidi Volpe

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  1. I completely agree with you about University mags producing great work, especially for their immediate community. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working for one – good pay, wide freedom, and great printing/design facilitated by talented staff. Very under-appreciated.

  2. Tamar Levine is a name you need to know. Her work is beautiful, elegant and truly speaks for itself. I am a big fan! I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for this talented photographer.

  3. Really impressive, atmospheric photography and design combo. Thanks for highlighting this, I would have never seen it otherwise!

  4. Hi Scott,
    Some of the magazines come out annually. I was given an issue from 2012 but felt this was worth remembering. Please keep in mind their publishing dates are much more limited.