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Glamour: Ellen Von Unwerth

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Thursday: 1-31-13

Design Director: Geraldine Hessler
Photo Director: Suzanne Donaldson
Art Director: Sarah Vinas
Deputy Editor, Photo Visuals: Julie Stone
Senior Photo Editor: Martha Maristany
Photo Editor: Brian Marcus

Photographer: Ellen Von Unwerth

Heidi Volpe

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  1. Daily Edit is interesting but I am sure I am not the only person who would like to see the rejects and comments from why the picture(s) chosen was / were used. At present they are just spreads from magazines and give us no further information about the photographer or the magazine staffs though process in making their selection

    The Times magazine in the UK used to publish iconic images alongside the contact sheets from the shoot. Always interesting to see the build up to a picture. The Robert F Kennedy assassination contacts were particularly fascinating and well worth trying to track down.

  2. That is not Ellen von Unwerth at her best, that’s for sure. I wonder if it’s possible for photographers to ask that a pseudonym be used for credits, like film directors can?

  3. Thanks for the feedback Henry. That is not the point of this blog. Perhaps you can try to see it for what it’s worth.

    A great resource for you as a photographer to see a variety of editorial on a DAILY basis, taking note of the graphic design, the photography that was selected, review its composition and how it interacts with the typography. Review the art department masthead, see whom you may want to contact should you be interested in submitting your own work, look at the live link provided and see fellow photographer’s website design, their approach to their images, maybe they have a blog…need I say more?

  4. I’m an assistant and have worked large cover shots with hard front flash, and though I feel it’s an overused and a very current trend (thanks to the 35mm point and shoots which are amazing), the concept and execution is still great. Not everyone direct Zoe to do what she’s doing.
    I totally agree that Ellen has better work, but she’s staying current, and I bet the art director had a big say in this? I was recently on a shoot where the AD actually wanted the photographer to shoot on camera flash. It’s a shame because we’d set such nice lighting up, all to shoot photo journalist style!
    I guess I’m replying to Ian regarding on camera flash.. and I think Zoe is awesome so wanted to comment!

  5. I agree that this isn’t Ellen von Unwerth’s best work, even of what is out on newsstands this month. She’s got an AMAZING story in this month’s Numéro #139. I plopped down $14 just to have that particular story in print.