A Conversation with NYC Art Producers. Part I: The Appetizer

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My agency just became award crazy. If it’s in Communication Arts, that’s it. They want to work with anyone who has won an award. It is a wave. Now they hear that another creative used someone and won an award and they want to work with them. Five years ago when I started in art buying, I heard ‘we don’t want to use the same as someone else.’ It’s interesting that they don’t want a different look and the benefit of that. But I guess the answer is no. I hope the award thing is a phase. All of them are different though.”

Trish McKeon, The CDM Group

“Don’t you think there’s been a backlash though? With digital, everyone wanted real and authentic, flash on camera, snapshot. But things are shaking out and people seem to want something more. It’s moving back to an appreciation for craft and production. The movement was to move away from an over-produced look.”

Lisa Oropallo, Digitas

via Heather Elder Represents Blog.

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  1. Awards are a way of providing social consecration and legitimacy for work. They are often relied upon by those lacking the personal ability to assign value to a work based on it’s own merit.