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Design Director: Fred Woodward
Creative Director: Jim Moore
Director of Photography: Dora Somosi
Senior Photo Editor: Krista Prestek
Art Director: Chelsea Cardinal

Photographer: Brian Finke

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Heidi Volpe

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  1. Thanks for the refresher of Brian’s work. I’ve admired his work…especially how he wrestles the moment from the ordinary in a graphic and compelling way. Very few have been as successful at using on-camera flash for a style they own.

  2. Heidi Volpe

    I’ve been fascinated by competitive eating for some time now, I follow the sport, interviewed Joey Chestnut, seen several competitive eating images. I think this shot is so well executed in that I had a a very uncomfortable visceral reaction to it without being repulsed. Successful photography is about provoking an emotional reaction.

    • Thanks Heidi, I appreciate getting a different perspective on this. The images do match the emotion of the sport. In all honesty I don’t get the sport or the images but I am sure there are things that I appreciate that you would not. More and more I am coming to understand that photography or any art is about doing what you are passionate about, then finding other people that get it. As a photographer I celebrate that the two sides met here.