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Design Director: Jane Palecek
Director of Photography: Tara Guertin
Art Director: Jason Seldon

Photographer: Joao Canziani

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Heidi Volpe

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  1. Joao is likable and I generally like his work, raw, but without the snapshot quality to it. But, the last page, eek. The preceding images are nice and look like his work.

  2. I like the circular component on each spread — the black arc at top of opening spread, echoed by the upside down black arc below plate on second spread, then the section of arc above plate on right page of third spread, and finally by the white arc below plate on last spread. One favorite is the photo of the radish, knife, and onion slices on right page top of third spread — reminded me of Gary Perwiler’s compositions. Food looks tasty. Always wanted to visit Prague — now after seeing these beautiful photos, even more. Cool type design/treatment — love the little black boxes with reversed type too!