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Entertainment Weekly

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Photographer: Justin Stephens

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Heidi Volpe

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  1. Wow, that really fooled me for a split second. I actually thought is was the cover of Blondie’s “Parallel Lines.” But alas, no, just someone copying it very well.

    • Just Googled the album cover — shot in 1978. Funny, I wonder if the photographer Edo Goddard ( ) showed his Blondie cover to photo editors, art buyers, and art directors etc, if they would think his work dated. Life can be weird, and it’s possible this shot came to be without the benefit of seeing Blondie’s cover — so I wouldn’t jump to that conclusion as the alternating keyboard pattern is common in interior decorating. I also wonder if the idea for this look predates Goddard — it has a 1930’s movie musical set look to it. I do like the shot for EW, and hope the magazine mentioned Goddard with the word “homage,” if indeed it was an homage. Can I change my grand slam comment above to a ground-rule double? Maybe the ref (photog or AD, PE, designer) can weigh-in on this discussion.