Photos Are Considered The Killer App Of Any Platform, Web Or Mobile

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They’re the driving force behind Facebooks social success, and the reason for its blockbuster acquisition of mobile photo-sharing app Instagram, which recently surpassed Twitter in U.S. smartphone engagement. They’re why Marissa Mayer is said to be rethinking Flickr as she takes up the reins at Yahoo; why Google recently bought Snapseed; and why a slew of hot Internet startups from Tumblr to Pinterest to Camera+ have gained popularity. Even Apple introduced photo-stream sharing capabilities in its latest version of iOS.

via Fast Company.

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  1. Seems to increase both the supply and the demand of photography at the same time. Not to mention confusing the copyright debates as well.

  2. Most of the sites and apps listed are utilizing free user based content. I’d like to think that there are also increasing outlets for professional photography as well. I just haven’t wrapped my brain around what they are.