Mistakes Professional Still Photographers Make When “Moving” to Video

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If you assume the role of a camera operator, DP or even a director – you will be in a work for hire position in most markets. Position yourself as a producer – shoot if you want to – and direct – but realize that you’ll be just one rung on the “content ladder”.

via Journeys of a Hybrid.

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  1. @ML-

    If you look at the part that says, “via Journeys of a Hybrid,” you will notice that some of that text is underlined. That usually (but not always) denotes a HyperText Markup Language (or, “HTML”) link.

    If you hover your mouse over the text and click it, you’ll magically be taken to a place that offers more clarity and expansion.

  2. c.d.embrey

    Don’t become an “Uncle Bob” through ignorance.

    Quote from #7 [ First, this market, like the still photography market, has changed drastically, mostly marginalized by still photographers who are just starting to shoot motion, shooting jobs for next to nothing because they have no understanding of this “business”. ]

    Also, shooting motion is a _team business_, don’t let your ego get in your way.

  3. Another huge aspect to shooting video is editing. This is where the sausage is made. I am a still photographer who tested the video waters and found it to be a completely different animal. There is a huge learning curve and even then it takes quite a while to develop a talent for this medium.