The Massive Amount Of Administrative Tasks That Come With Being A Photographer

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When I’m not shooting, I will spend entire days organizing receipts and invoicing, returning emails/phone calls for future jobs, planning the next promo, printing new pages for the portfolio, updating the website… the list is truly endless. And then it repeats itself. I’m still learning to cope with the fact that I will never feel completely caught-up and there will never be an end to the non-shooting work that a photographer has to manage.

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  1. So I’m not alone! After 40 years of trying to catch up I still haven’t. In fact I haven’t even got time to write this. If idle hands are the devils work I must be saintly

  2. Wonderful post! I try and ignore my admin. stuff as much as possible to play and edit and photograph :) But the emails and phone calls those come easier at least :)

    • Hey Jamie. I only have one 2.5 yr old, so that’s not quite as easy as having 2 kids. He does help “organize” every so often, so that makes things way easier.

  3. It’s the trade off for the privilege of working for oneself. Most solopreneurs spend about half their time running the business. People who don’t want to go that route end up working for someone who will take care of the business end for them.