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Hot on the heels of Jonathan’s post yesterday about the Fotofest portfolio review I discovered that Review Santa Fe has their listing of Photographers whose portfolios made the cut up on their website. I’m pointing it out, because it’s a great resource for anyone who hires photographers for a living. When that was my job I would take time out each week to troll the internet for new talent and running across anyone’s curated list was a great find and could easily suck up an hour of your workday, but would result in a couple new bookmarks.

Any of you who made the list, congratulations and good luck next week. I’ll be around (not reviewing) so come say hi. The website is quite easy to navigate, because you can quickly click to the next photographer (bottom left) and each one is only represented by a couple images. Plus, it lists where they live which is incredibly helpful.

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  1. Thanks for the props. While in Santa Fe, cocktails are on David Bram. Oops I can see that might get out of hand. I’m joking, seriously. I look forward to seeing you again and all my very talented colleagues.

  2. Colleen Dean

    Amen to knowing where they live, such a help! although, I’m getting better at knowing area codes from the back of printed promos. Thanks for this! – art producer girl

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