Advertisers Have Not Yet Figured Out How To Adapt And Profit

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Just about every institution has changed in the new Conversational Age, including media. What really hasn’t adapted is advertising. Extremely few interactive ads have ever been served up and those that have seem less than remarkable.

via Facebook is a Media Company — And So Are You – Forbes.

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  1. The point about GM isn’t that they’re not paying to have ads placed on other people’s FB pages, it’s that GM has decided to just leverage its own FB page (currently with 380,598 likes). That way, they can offer higher quality, more flexible content, instead of little thumbnail ads sandwiched between lame, no-name brands.

  2. Not every product that someone might purchase is a lifestyle choice. Social networking is great for referrals, but there is a limit to the types of products people will suggest to their friends. The billboard model has simply moved on-line, and is not much different from what has been done for decades in magazines and newspapers. YouTube has become like network television, though in order to land audiences and referrals the advertising needs to pose as entertainment. Unfortunately some products are simply not entertaining, and some companies do not have mega-budgets necessary to saturate digital media portals.

    I almost get the impression that the Forbes writer wants companies to copy that “punch the monkey” banner ad campaign. Some of the highest click-through rates have been for truly awful appearing ads. The is an over-emphasis on SEO stats and data, without a good correlation to actual selling and effectiveness. The few effectiveness studies indicate some on-line advertising is barely better than telemarketing. Advertising needs to connect with an intended target audience, and not chase meaningless metrics for the sake of numerical data.