Vogue’s flattering profile on Assad’s wife disappears from Web

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…photos that accompanied the article — of Asma al-Assad, her husband and two of their children at home in Damascus — were facilitated by an American public-relations firm working for the Syrian government. The firm, Brown Lloyd James, was paid $25,000 to set up a photo session with James Nachtwey, the famed war photographer…

via The Washington Post.

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  1. It’s pretty easy to see how Vogue could have such a tin ear (men behind glamorous women in designer gowns often end up on the wrong side of history). But a war photographer? He should have known better.

    • “But a war photographer? He should have known better.”

      Isn’t the whole idea of a “war photographer” to photograph what is in front of you? War criminal or War hero , that is not for the photographer to decide, just to record.

      As far as Vogue taking down the article and the implied “digital etiquette”, who cares? It wasn’t hard news, it was a fluff piece, that after the fact they didn’t want to run anymore because the person was not someone they wanted representing Vogue.