You Can’t Recreate The Past

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No matter how fast you shovel digital dirt into the chasm of print loss, you can’t recreate the past; you can’t fill the hole. Now, though, we see new foundations being set and fresher building — with more realistic expectations — begun. The change is a huge one. Where once top newspaper company execs eschewed new initiatives as too small with which to bother, the awareness that the old business simply is never coming back has almost sunk in.

via Nieman Journalism Lab.

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  1. Jameson and Perry White no longer run the news room since allowing the dark ages of print to finally die. The era of singular truth seekers is no longer accepted, yet finding what will work is yet to be discovered. I think the reality holds true to photographers in the digilogue era. We haven’t completely moved from the analogue. So mediums like film are still a part of the stream and keeps the world from speeding passed itself in era of immediacy. Those who try to live in the past will miss the golden age which is relative to the success they may achieve in the balance between two eras.

  2. “… the awareness that the old business simply is never coming back has almost sunk in …”

    A statement worth unpacking.

    First, awareness should have come about 10 years ago.

    Second, “almost” is a very frightening word, because awareness should have come 10 years ago. It’s really pretty much too late for newspapers at this point.

    Finally, what belies the idea awareness is sinking in is the fact of all the idiot editors rushing to embrace paid content. That’s the last grasp of a desperate stuck pig before expiring.