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*Brazil Newsstand Week*

Editor note: Heidi Volpe is in Sao Paulo, Brazil for a magazine redesign project and this weeks Daily Edit comes from the newsstand there. This could be the beginning of periodic visit to the newsstands in other countries.


Editor de Arte: Thiago Melo
Editora de Fotographia: Valeria Mendoca
Designers: Renata Miwa e Thiago Bolotta 

Photographer: Daniel Klajmic

Note: Content for The Daily Edit is found on the newsstands. Submissions are not accepted

Heidi Volpe

There Are 2 Comments On This Article.

  1. Yes this is blatant ass kissing, but I would like to be Heidi’s assistant while she is on the road. I do have a lot of free time too. Hehe

    Interesting cover by the way, I am curious why you chose it Heidi? I am definitely curious but don’t read Portuguese.

  2. Heidi Volpe

    I chose this because it’s such a strong cover image, and the company that published this is very conservative so I admire team that put this forward and was able to get this printed.
    It’s a bit daring and also very well executed.