YES, I still have a printed portfolio

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All technology has done for me is allowed me to adapt my portfolio to more platforms, i.e. web, iPad, etc.  I used to have 12 printed portfolios, now I use less than half that.  A magazine hasn’t called in a “book” in over three years now, but agencies sometimes still want them.  And my agent, Big Leo, takes them to portfolio meetings where having a tangible thing to touch still has value.  And to be honest, printed portfolios are really nice when done well.

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  1. I have a book as well. My rep carries my work on an iPad, but I love to have what I call the analog version of my work with me. When I show it to potential clients, they all love looking at my printed work. They really get into turning the pages, and engaging with the prints.


  2. It is nice to have a large variety of images on hand to show in addition to a book, but not replaces, as stated above, a well edited and printed book with LARGE prints.