Has finding a decent photographer become easier or harder in the digital age?

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It’s so much easier. I haven’t called in a book for years.

I also think there are more decent photographers working today than there were 10 years ago. The economy has weeded out the field somewhat. I see a wide variety of photo styles being accepted by clients today, which brings photographers into the commercial fold where previously they wouldn’t have had a market.

Chris Peters, Sr. Art Producer at Colle+McVoy via, Wonderful Machine Blog. thx, Neil

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  1. You’re welcome, Rob. I think the only challenging thing about the statement above is how established photographers can remain relevant. The democratization and overhead-lowering elements of digital photography, and the ease of sharing it online, obviously keeps veterans on their toes.

  2. Interesting article. I agree with the above comment- with the modern addiction to the quick-and-easy, low overhead of digital photography, and insant ‘filters’ and ‘profiles’ that try to give style and character to snap-shot photography- it’s much harder for people to decipher what a true photographer actually is. The intention is gone, as is much of the artistry. On the other hand- if you want a free, interesting image- they’re everywhere online! Value is ultimately defined by the viewer, and with so many viewers/share-ers out there, it has become a bit muddied.