Confessions of a Veteran Spring Training Photographer

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Are things better now than there were 21 years go? Has technology made my job shooting spring training easier? Yes. Being able to look at my pictures on the screen on the back of my cameras during a game allows me to know if I have a certain image in the can so I can move on to the next subject. The image quality is terrific and the ease of delivering the files back to the office is a dream.

I’m glad I’ve been around long enough to work through all of these changes.

Brad Mangin via Raw File |

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  1. My first compact flash card was 16mb (with an M) and cost about $120. It held the equivalent of a roll of film in frames and I thought boy, wait until the savings on processing kicks in!

  2. His comment at the end about seeing light is spot on. I discovered photography as a teenager having “borrowed” my parents state of the art digital compact with an 8Mb card. It allowed me to experiment like crazy, but it was only when I picked up film that I started to learn to see the image I wanted before I’d taken it. Digital’s great, but film enforces discipline. In Brad’s case, 12 years of it.

  3. scott Rex Ely

    I think the idea of being in the lobby of a hotel where the players are staying and getting to see the groupies being escorted out the back entrances early in the morning while one is waiting for one’s photographer to come downstairs before headin over to the ball park probably hasn’t changed in 20 years.