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National Geographic

Creative Director:
Bill Marr
Deputy Creative Director: Kaitlin M. Yarnall
Design Director: David C. Whitmore
Art Director: Juan Velasco


Executive Editor: Kurt Mutchler
Deputy Director: Ken Geiger
Senior Editor: Susan Welchman
Senior Photo Editors: Alice Gabriner, Kim Hubbard, Todd James, Elizabeth Krist, Sarah Leen, Sadie Quarrier

Photographer: Robert Clark

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Heidi Volpe

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  1. @Rob: Which publication was this printed in? I love Rob’s shot of the leaping Afghan, and I recall that these (or something quite similar) were originally shot for some Martha Stewart mag. insert.

  2. These images looked spectacular in the iPad edition of NG. I would recommend checking it out. NG does a great job with their app.

  3. These are great portraits of beautiful dogs.
    And with frisky dogs jumping around. it can be tough for the photographer to keep the crinkles out of the seamless background paper eh?