Oscars: Cinematography nominees discuss film versus digital

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“I think this is a wonderful time for a cinematographer,” said Emmanuel Lubezki, who shot “The Tree of Life” and is a four-time previous nominee. “You can have 65-millimeter, 35, 16 and so on, and then you have all the range of incredible digital cameras that are not like film but allow you to create wonderful images.”

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  1. I have a deep respect for Janusz Kaminski’s talent and opinions, but I believe that his view of film and (current) distaste for digital is steeped in a whole lot of nostalgia. I love film and it’s tonal qualities, but a talented cinematographer can make considered, informed, and beautiful images with a digital medium, just as one could with film. Digital doesn’t mean the “death of the cinematographer,” it simply means that there is potentially lower barrier of entry for some and some new technology that we must adapt to so that we can keep creating. We saw it (and continue to see it) with still cameras: people are always going to make bad pictures, and digital means MORE people are going to make MORE bad pictures, but the talent will still cultivate and rise to the top.

    • Agreed- lower the entry level & wake up from nostalgia.

      The backbone is still going to be about ideas. Execution quality will improve with $ & time.

      Digital saves turnaround time. Instant replay is fantastic compared to depending on other forms of capture with the video assist.