Q&A With LA Product and Liquid Photographer BILL CAHILL

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Over the last couple years, I have seen the number of photographers attempting to shoot liquids has exploded, some good, and some bad, but mostly very inspiring. I truly believe that there is room for everyone in the industry. The competition and creativity only inspire me to create better work.

via POP | Photographers on Photography.

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  1. happyqwerty


    My question is how to blow out the reflections and somehow get the opposite effect of polarizing filters on water surface.

    To be more clear, imagine a lake or bathtub filled with water. When we use polarizing filters, we cut out all the reflections from the surface and we can see the things under water.

    But I am curious how to blow out the reflections so that we cannot see under the water from out of the water. I am thinking of filling the bathtub with milk, mix water with milk powder to be more economic :)