The Queen of Versailles

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The opening-night film comes to Sundance with the kind of publicity for which Harvey Weinstein would pay dearly. However, Lauren Greenfield’s genius move lay not in PR strategy but in her choice of subject. David Siegel’s the kind of guy who not only thinks it’s sensible to build a 90,000-square-foot mansion (just before the real estate bubble burst, as it happens), but also thinks it’s a good idea to file a lawsuit threatening Greenfield and Sundance the week before the film premieres, complaining that the movie makes him look bad. (Never mind that the attendant press attention and public record about his $11 million foreclosure in May 2011, serves to make him look… well, bad.) All that aside, Greenfield also has an eye for candy-colored disaster that is never anything less than incisive and entertaining.

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  1. Having shot several ad’s inside his first mansion in Windermere years ago for his daughters company “Everything But Water”. Model Rhea Durham (Walberg) and I experienced nothing but the highest level of kindness from the Siegel’s. Though the home was over the top for the sleepy dirt streets of this small Orlando suburb, his home paved the way for celebrity mega-masions that came soon after in the high walled complex know as Islesworth. The irony was the wall ran past his mansion’s front gate selectively cutting Siegel out!