I’m An Art Director

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Happy Tuesday after the holiday. If you want to kill a little time today and have a laugh check out the “I’m an Art Director” xtranormal video:

I know there are lots of funny ones out there, leave your favorite in the comments.

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  1. Fantastic–thanks for posting.
    Here are a few more things that a really good art director can do:
    Tell the copywriter that there are too many words on the page and they really don’t need any copy at all.
    Tell the account executive that this kind of ad can only be shot on location in Aruba, where his girlfriend lives.
    Tell the rest of the creative team to ignore what the account team and the client say and just create an ad so avante garde that it will win them awards.

  2. An oldie – I remember my father (an art director) telling me a version of this years and years ago – but a goodie.

  3. Having worked as a graphic designer for 18+ years and now as a photographer, I can say from experience that this is all true. : ) It’s the perfect job to have, because since the technically do nothing, they can deflect blame if the ad bombs. But if the campaign is a big success, then they get the credit, because after all, they were the art director.

  4. Ha…Bill Ford is a professor here at UNT. He showed us this at the beginning of the semester. Kinda weird to see it randomly posted here.

  5. I always wondered why the art director is needed if the photographer is supposed to be an artist that can imagine & technically execute a vision… I wonder if designer’s like Dieter Rams have art directors over them in the same vain of influence? or interior designers/fashion designers