Consumer Reports, Going Strong at 75

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Consumer Reports started its Web site in 1997; by 2001, it had 557,000 subscribers. That number has grown to 3.3 million this year, an increase of nearly 500 percent in 10 years. It has more than six times as many digital subscribers as The Wall Street Journal, the leader among newspapers.

And in August, Consumer Reports started generating more revenue from digital subscriptions than from print ā€” a feat that must make it the envy of the print world struggling to make that transition. Even more amazingly, Consumer Reports has enjoyed success on the Web without losing print subscribers ā€” those have held steady since 2001 at around four million.


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  1. I’m no expert, but I’d say their success comes down to one thing; content. People are interested in what they have to say. I guess it’s also about the lack of competition for that content. Unlike news, there aren’t a lot of other sources for the type of content they provide.