P Is For Professional

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Here’s a couple funny videos to get your week started off right.

First up is MWAC (Mom With A Camera):

Watch more episodes on her YouTube Channel (here). Visit her Facebook page (here).

Next up is Judge Joe Brown, who from his line of questioning to this wedding photographer, sounds like he thinks he knows a thing or two about photography (go-kit in a pelican case?):

How fast is your lens? What f-stop did you use? Go get ’em Joe.

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  1. Now I want our wedding photos re shot and to see if Judge Joe’s post team can add that evidence marker to all of them

  2. Please be a joke. Please be a joke. Please be a joke. She is going to run all the other friend’s kids photographers and church portrait shooters out of business while they are futzing around with the, ummmmm, what’s that, shutter speed…

  3. MWAC, is that suppose to be a parody? Gawd I hope so, but I’m afaid she is serious.

    Judge Joe, would have liked to seen more of the interior (no tripod) shots. Yeah, you never show up without first getting all the details about the location

  4. BWAHAHA! MWAC is just unspeakably funny. Unreal.

    Judge Brown IMO is too harsh.
    Client has seen the picture portfolio of photographer and had agreed with the quality & expectation. [more likely cheap price]
    Why is client expecting high grade printing? [that’s not in the fine print-]

    Unprofessional not to scout location.
    Unprofessional to accept job where flash photography not allowed because of equipment that can’t handle low light.

    Good lesson for those who think having a DSLR and charging people money does not= a professional photographer.

    I would shoot with flash even if the pastor disallowed it so that the client knows the limitation if the pastor objects.

  5. I actually like Joe Brown’s ruling. Maybe it will help a lot of ‘professionals’ to think twice before they, “walk into the chapel with an iPhone and call it professional.”

  6. If the momographer is serious- I feel sorry for her.

    Judge Jo- I put the judge shows in the same category as talk shows, not worth much to begin with, just exploiting people’s ignorance on both ends of the TV.

    Momographer gets the vote for me! Hilarious!

  7. Yes it’s funny but spend a couple of weekends at youth sporting events or in the local park around Thanksgiving and you will see a lot of “professional” photographers, all shooting natural light of course.

  8. MWAC is pure parody and great!
    “P” is for Professional :-)
    Her husband is a pro photographer in Albuquerque, I won’t reveal her here but she has a blog just as humorous.

  9. I really had to laugh at the momtographer. pretty funny and actually got a good laugh. Judge Joe on the other hand has just enough knowledge to make bad decisions. The adage of what you pay for is what you get applies here. My question is what is wrong with Fuji crystal paper for prints? yeah it’s not Canson or Hahnemuhle or Kodak, so… Hilarious Rob and great way to stay a Monday.

  10. MWAC…ladies and gentlemen, I’m sorry to say that this is the future of our Industry. If I hadn’t brushed next to it so much lately, I would get a good laugh over the video. God help us all.

  11. Seriously,

    As Ed pointed out — the Judge Brown bride got what she paid for. By her own admission, the photographer was prompt and spent the time.
    Having buyers’ remorse, because the photos ended up being about as good as one would expect for the price, seems like buyers’ remorse.

    And Fuji c-prints are about as good as they get.

  12. The video was briefly removed because someone posted who the lady really was, a wife of Frank Frost Photography in Albuquerque, NM

  13. MWAC took me a minute to process, but now that my blood pressure has receded, I think I’m going to enjoy viewing her series.

    Joe Brown is a complete ass in that episode. He neglected the client’s duty to determine the quality of the photographer’s work beforehand, and there was no mention of a contract. While the shooter might have been terrible, the client should have done a little homework beforehand, and secured the deliverables in writing. All of the judge’s blustering about f-stops and the like is just a smokescreen to cover the fact that he didn’t understand the legalities of the case.

  14. HAha, very funny. I was hesitating with the first video MWAC. At the beginning I was like, this can’t be serious, and then I was just laughing…:P !

  15. Those photographers had bad attitudes, but that aside, this is why I don’t do weddings! This is the nightmare! The photos weren’t horrible and they weren’t the best, but that $2500 will sting their pockets…..

    as for the mom…..yeh. that’s enough outta her….