My Work Usually Doesn’t Exist Outside Of Ones And Zeros

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“I’m a child and photographer of the digital generation. My work usually doesn’t exist outside of ones and zeros on a computer, and to have it physically now gives it life. It’s been reborn in a very different way, and it gives it an existence in the real world that will live on whether or not there’s electricity. It took years for me to get a book from Iraq published. I had to win an award to do it because no one wanted to publish an Iraq book. Photo books take a loss financially, and then for it to be about Iraq, a subject that most Americans and Westerners want to forget…”

via Photo Booth:The New Yorker.

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  1. I applaud you for your persistence. Some things need to be said regardless of disfavor of others. Often times things that are distasteful now, become cherished or of historical value some time down the road. An example: The German Holocaust.

  2. The perspective of war depends on how you see it. The influence of justifiable politics conveyed through media outlets that are not unbiased taints peoples perspectives of War. Telling the real story of war helps bring it into proper perspective. Hopefully the book conveys it without bias. Glad he persisted in the midst of a difficult time.