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Outdoor Life

Design Director: Sean Johnston

Photography Editor:Justin Appenzeller

Photographer: Mitch Kezar

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Heidi Volpe

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  1. I’m curious as to how the photographers negotiate money for these editorial “stories”. I know photographers that negotiate a certain amount of images for a price up front (and negotiate for more) and others that just give the bank away and hand over all the images. I think we can all agree that 9 images have more value than one or two, so it makes since that the magazine pay more when they want to run 9 images.

    While this layout looks really good, it’s hard for me to believe the magazine would have done it this way if they had to pay for 9 images separately. Maybe I’m completely wrong…would love some feedback from other photographers.

    • you want to negotiate a day rate against space which means you are paid a day rate and then space is paid for any usage above e.g. $500 for the day but then 4 quarter page images are used at $250 each so you are paid an additional $500 for the space above. that way if the shoot is good you and more images are used you are rewarded.

  2. This is right up my alley, I actually bought this issue just for the 10 or so page spread they had covering a bunch of different states on opening day. There is something about the people who still chose to hunt or gather food when it is so readily available at the local grocery store. Granted most of what they harvest is not, and it is an acquired taste. I have photographed at the deer camp that I have been going to since I was old enough to hunt. Its no longer about the hunt, but the bound that is formed with the people I have been making this trip with the last 10 years. Its that bound and comradery that I hope to one day show with my series of photos. One that would hopefully fulfill a lifetime goal and be published in either Outdoor Life or Field and Stream :-)
    Rob: Thanks for the real world info above.