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Field & Stream

Design Director: Sean Johnston

Photography Director: Amy Berkley

Photographer: Marius Bugge


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Heidi Volpe

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    • Actually the cover is a color shot of “Huge Deer Now” but it is cool to see the B+W shots – (the close up is the inside TOC)

  1. Andy Hensler

    Love the black and white, realy nice set of images.

    Its interesting to see that so many photographers / art directors show the meter and or color checker/ greyscale and other equipment.

    Not sure if I like seeing all of that.

    • pretty sure it’s mainly because he is a photographer so they want to show that side as well as the camo/hunting gear to bring it all together. I think it fits perfect for this set!

    • c.d.embrey

      If the subject is a photographer, actor or model I have no problem with equipment in the shot. If I were shooting a CEO, I wouldn’t put meters, color checkers, lights or grip equipment in the shot, but Brad Trent disagrees

  2. charles waldorf

    And this is why I chose to be a photographer, all the great images that use to be in Field and Stream. As of 2 years ago the photo stories started to go away, and my subscription lapsed. I’ll have to go out and buy this issue. Amy Berkley truly has an amazing eye for photography and photography talent. Just wish they would showcase more of it like in the good old days :-)