Finding Vivian Maier Trailer

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  1. We saw the Vivian Maier exhibit in Chicago and were blown away. Each image, brilliant, and knowing there were So many more not in the exhibit, waiting to be catalogued and viewed, made it even more enticing. Looking forward to the film.

  2. This is such a delight to experience, especially in light of the way nearly everyone today, even those with marginal talent and little “voice” to share, seem to be fighting to get famous and “monetize” their work. Street shooters have always been a breed apart from other types of photographers, and the mystery behind this woman makes the whole project even more intriguing and exciting…

  3. Such a remarkable tale. In a way, it’s an ideal, pure way to create art totally devoid of interference from the ego.

  4. I am so fascinated by this story! Vivian Maier is such an inspiration. Can’t wait to see more! Especially of Phil Donahue….

  5. Josef Koudelka pushed street photography well beyond the work of Vivian Maier as has Alex Webb. C’mon.