The Daily Edit – Thursday 6.30.11

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Rolling Stone

Art Director: Joseph Hutchinson

Creative Director: Jodi Peckman

Deputy Photo Editor: Deborah Dragon

Designer: Matt Cooley


Photographer: Danny Clinch

Heidi Volpe

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  1. Like it? I love it. It feels real. It’s a tad unexpected. Maybe even a little irreverant. Design-wise, the display type and the photo pair well, neither one overwhelming the other, but both standing out and making me want to see and read more. Job. Well. Done.

  2. Its a great select and they did the right thing by leaving the design simple and understated. Nice work.

  3. Very nice composition, subject mimicking the tree, good choice of typography that is clean and also conveys movement which follows the main elements of the image allowing the viewer’s eye to rotate in the frame.

  4. yeah, its pretty good. tree bends and cuts the photo in half nicely, sun balances out the opposite cluster of trees, makes it kinda ying/yang looking.

  5. Fabulous! I always really love and am inspired by Danny Clinch’s work. The photo suits Bon Iver’s music perfectly. The Typeface is elegant and not overwhelming. I’d hang this on my wall!

  6. I think what speaks is the use of the sky as the silence conveys the greater message. I like the parody of bending.